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baby friendly bircher muesli recipe

Overnight Oats Recipe

There is nothing better than getting up in the morning and knowing you’ve got breakfast sorted! No more ‘hangry’ baby,  hanging off your leg whilst you prepare a cooked brekkie. With this fab overnight oats recipe, you will have a power-packed and most importantly, EASY start to the morning!

Please make sure you’ve tried your toddler on nuts before adding the almonds to this recipes. If you’re not sure how to do that, read our Introducing High Allergen Foods post for guidelines. 

baby friendly bircher muesli recipe

Ingredients ​

(Makes approx 12 serves)

Pre-Mix together all of the ingredients in a large pot or mixing bowl until well combined. Transfer into an airtight container for the pantry. Store until needed. 


When ready to use;

Serve with your choice of fresh fruit and berries. Top with milk if desired.

This recipe is Dairy-Free but it is easily adaptable. 

Sub out the milk and yoghurt with your favourite dairy alternative to suit your family’s dietary needs!

Enjoy! xx

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