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Grabease Double-Sided Toddler Toothbrush

$26.90 inc. GST

Grabease double-sided toothbrush, designed to make brushing easier for babies and Toddlers.

  • Featuring a long, tapered brush head to reach the most teeth at once.
  • Double-sided bristles for easier and more thorough brushing.
  • Choke protection barrier for safe independent use.
  • Suitable from 6 months +.
  • Also includes stage 1 silicone finger brush for use from 4 months.
  • Available in Blush Pink, Grey, Mint and Teal

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Presenting the Grabease Double-Sided Toothbrush!

Brushing can sometimes be a challenge when your independent Little One wants to do it ‘by myself!’

That’s where grabease’s NEW double-sided toothbrush saves the day. With a long tapered head and bristles on both sides that can brush top and bottom at the same time. Grabease is about nurturing independence and hitting developmental milestones earlier. Whilst making you and Bub’s happy at the same time. Approved by Paediatric Dentists, our toothbrush is a great start to young dental routines.

Each box contains a starter silicone finger-brush suitable from 4 months as well as a Mint double-sided toothbrush suitable from 6 months.


Blush Pink, Grey, Mint, Teal


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