Do you find mealtimes stressful?

Do you want easier mealtimes? To reduce stress and fuss? Put your baby in control? Encourage independent eating? Create adventurous eaters? Allow babies to explore food on their own terms.

Grabease will help you get you there!


Rennae Hoare

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Rennae, the Founder of Grabease Australia, and a Children’s Nutritionist. I’m also an Aussie Mum of  2. After having children, (as I’m sure alot of you have felt) things changed.  In my former life, let’s call it BC (Before Children) I was a Hair and Make-Up Artist working and living in Hong Kong and New York. After Children (AC), my location and passions changed. I discovered Baby-Led Weaning with my son and everything about it resonated with my love of good, nutritious food and the ease with which I was able to incorporate the weaning stage into our lives. (Not to mention how much fun it is!)

With number two, this passion grew. It’s something I want to share with other Aussie families.

Why Grabease?

Grabease Australia was born after I went searching for the perfect self-feeding utensils. These utensils were GrabeaseGrabease are revolutionary for toddler self-feeding. Not only are they the right size for a baby, they are a developmental tool that encourages motor skill development, independence and boosts baby’s self-confidence, making it so much easier for everyone at mealtimes.

There was a eureka moment for me when I saw my daughter using them and watched how easy it was for her to self-feed. Every mealtime was an opportunity for her to gain independence. 

I thought to myself, Imagine if all Aussie babies could feed themselves this way. How easy would mealtimes be!

This is why I’ve brought Grabease to you. I know Australian families will love Grabease as much as ours does!