Mix and Match

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Rennae, the Director of Grabease Australia, and a Children’s Nutritionist. I’m also an Aussie Mum of  2. After having children, (as I’m sure alot of you have felt) things changed.  In my former life, let’s call it BC (Before Children) I was a Hair and Make-Up Artist working and living in Hong Kong and New York. After Children (AC), my location and passions changed. I discovered Baby-Led Weaning with my son and everything about it resonated with my love of good, nutritious food and the ease with which I was able to incorporate the weaning stage into our lives. (Not to mention how much fun it is!)

With number two, this passion grew, it’s something I want to share with other Aussie families. But, why Grabease?

Grabease Australia was born after I went searching for the perfect self-feeding utensils. These utensils were GrabeaseGrabease are revolutionary for toddler self-feeding. Not only are they the right size for a baby, they are a developmental tool that encourages motor skill development, independence and boosts baby’s self-confidence, making it so much easier for everyone at mealtimes.

There was a eureka moment for me when I saw my daughter using them and watched how easy it was for her to self-feed. Every mealtime was an opportunity for her to gain independence. 

I thought to myself, Imagine if all Aussie babies could feed themselves this way. How easy would mealtimes be!

This is why I’ve brought Grabease to you. I know Australian families will love Grabease as much as ours does!